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Luxury Shopping in Istanbul

Apart from the history and rich culture of the city and the people, Istanbul is one of the biggest and most popular shopping spots in Turkey. As Istanbul is known for the fashion capital in Turkey, most of the high-end stores are only located in Istanbul besides any other cities. Grand Bazaar holds one of the top high-end luxury jewelry shopping spots in entire Turkey. Even local Turkish people visit Istanbul for an expensive piece of jewelry and travel more than 1000kms. Shopping is in human’s nature and nothing can hold us back about this instinct.

DTLS Limousine & Travel have been assisting the luxury shopper clientele since day 1 going into business. Our goal for all shoppers is to make them have a relaxing day during the shopping spree. Shopping should be fun without any stress and that is where DTLS Limousine & Travel comes into play and offers its experience and knowledge with our chauffeured ground transportation services. There is no question that luxury shopping should be done with luxury limousine services. Our highly trained professional chauffeurs will drop you off at your desired shopping location and will wait on stand by until you are done. When ready, your chauffeured limousine will be at the door to carry your bags and assist you to your private vehicle.



As Istanbul is very congested with people, cars and service buses, traffic can be disastrous at rush hour. DTLS Limousine & Travel would like to offer peace of mind when organizing luxury limousine services. That is one of the biggest reasons people choose using our luxury travel assistance program and consulting to avoid these time consuming problems. For our high-end luxury-shopping clients we suggest them to visit Nisantasi for fashion shopping and Grand Bazaar for jewelry. Nisantasi was the first the neighborhood in Istanbul with luxury apartments and high-end luxury stores. Over the years, Nisantasi never lost popularity but kept growing and became the only street shopping area in Istanbul. You can still find high-end stores for shopping but only in malls. Istinye Park and Zorlu Center are the only comparable malls for high end shopping and fine dining in Istanbul. But in our opinion, Nisantasi has a different vibe and quality because of the culture of the area. Area built its reputation and culture along with the people who visit the area and also the locals who live there.

On the other hand, Grand Bazaar is the most visited shopping spot for tourists who are traveling to Istanbul for the first time. Grand Bazaar is the heart of shopping in Istanbul as it has been around since 1461. It is known for being the oldest and biggest shopping mall in the world as it holds about 3,600 stores and 300 to 500 thousand people visitors enter the Bazaar from all over the world. It used to be the main shopping spot for the Ottoman Empire people where you would visit the Grand Bazaar and do your shopping. Today it is used for luxury jewelry, Turkish rugs, silver and gold exchange, and money exchange. Nothing has changed since day one of the Grand Bazaar. It is still the heart of the city and the most important financial district in Turkey. This information is not usually shared with the tourists to keep the emphasis on shopping.

We would like to make for all tourists from around the world the shopping experience in Grand Bazaar easy and flawless. It could be real hassle sometimes for tourists to deal with the sales people at the Grand Bazaar due to cultural communication difficulties. As mentioned in our previous blog, DTLS Limousine & Travel highly recommends all of our clients to hire a certified tour guide for professional information transfer and guide you through the shopping in Grand Bazaar. Luxury limousine services and certified tour guides services are perfect combination to spend a day touring Istanbul and experiencing it to its fullest.


                           One of the many hallways in the Grand Bazaar. Amazing place.


Walking down from Grand Bazaar to Spice Market, there are a lot of local stores for local people shopping. It is a very busy street with stores on both sides of the street. Almost anything can be found. However, the most interesting part is when you reach the Spice Market in Eminonu. That is where you can find all sorts of spices, Turkish sweets, Turkish coffee, hand made Turkish soap and much more. It is a very colorful shopping area and people whom visit the Spice Market are always amazed by it.

To conclude a shopping spree in Istanbul, there is no doubt that a luxury limousine service will make your day easier and smooth. DTLS Limousine & Travel have been in business for over 30 years and always delivered quality service for all types of clientele. We enjoy when our clients are having a good time in the city and do whatever is on our power to provide safe and secure luxury transportation.


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