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Business Traveler’s Guide

DTLS Limousine & Travel is fully licensed luxury limousine Services Company based in Istanbul, Turkey. However, thanks to our professional staff and chauffeurs, DTLS Limousine have extended its services throughout all major cities in Turkey such as Ankara, Antalya, Bodrum, Dalaman, Izmir. As mentioned in our previous blog posts, we have spoken mostly about our leisure expertise and experiences about our limousine services in Istanbul. DTLS Limousine & Travel’s roots are based on concierge services and leisure services. As Turkish economy grew, the financial districts have gotten bigger and bigger everyday. Thanks to our strong growing economy, demand for luxury limousine services in Istanbul grew along with it for all international business travelers visiting Istanbul.

Istanbul is the heart of Turkey with its financial and economical geo politic location. With increasing number of investors visiting Istanbul, DTLS Limousine & Travel gained its knowledge to take special care of sensitive business travelers. Business travelers do not only like to hire a chauffeur driven vehicle during their stay in Istanbul. Business travelers seek chauffeurs who are willing to go beyond their comfort zones and become the part of the team of the business trip with the client. Our chauffeurs are always taking necessary steps toward the purpose of the visit and going the extra mile when it is needed. Because at the end of the day, anyone with a driver’s license can operate a luxury limousine in Istanbul as long as they know the area. However, it takes a great experience and a sensitive touch to the purpose of the client. That is what we are striving for at DTLS Limousine & Travel, constantly improving our services and training our staff so our clients can be relaxed and concentrate on their business.

DTLS Limousine & Travel have gained its knowledge in roadshow business with constant communication and meetings with the clients. We listen to our clients and gain our knowledge what is important when traveling for business. Over time, learning and applying the desires of the clients have grew our roadshow limousine services very quickly. Today, DTLS Limousine & Travel is most chosen luxury limousine Service Company in Istanbul for all business and roadshow travelers. Our professional staff and highly trained chauffeurs are willing to go the extra mile or to make the client happy and relaxed in between meetings in all of our luxury limousines. We want to make all of our clients who are visiting Istanbul to experience a flawless service. In addition, our roadshow specialists make the necessary information transfer to the clients and give them an idea of the city and the routes about the itineraries. As Istanbul is a city with 20 million people living, we would like to provide information about its business districts.

Istanbul has 3 major financial districts; 2 of them are located on the European side and the other is on the Asian side of Istanbul. European side holds most the financial institutions of Istanbul and even Turkey. Levent is the first and the biggest financial district in Istanbul. It is still growing, as there are more high-rises are in the process to be completed. Sabanci Towers were the first high-rises built in Istanbul and they are still considered 30th tallest high rises in Istanbul by 158 meters tall. Maslak is the second biggest financial district in Istanbul. There is only 6 kilometers keeping these two districts apart from each other. However, the traffic is always congested and a trip that is not supposed take more than 10 minutes can take more than 30-45 minutes and it can exceed up to an hour during rush hour traffic.

Third and the latest financial district which still in the process of growth is Atasehir. Atasehir is the only financial district on the Asian side and it is growing at a very fast pace with new buildings being built and new companies moving their office spaces into the newly built high rises. More and more companies have been moving to Atasehir due to congestion of people and traffic on the European side. By moving their offices to the Asian side, local people have the luxury to live on the Asian side and cut the commuting times that are spent on the road by a great extent.

Besides these 3 areas, Istanbul has a wide spread businesses all over the city. Big factories are the second most visited places for business travelers. These factories are all located outside of the city where they can operate without hurting the city environment. Istanbul is 150kms wide stretching from West to East and 45 kilometers from North to South. As Istanbul is a very fast developing city, many businesses are moving their offices, factories outside of the city for better location for its facilities. DTLS Limousine & Travel is constantly exploring and gaining knowledge about these new industrial areas for our clients so when it is time to travel to those areas, the ride goes smoothly without any mistakes.

The way we process our roadshows and business travelers is very simple. Our roadshow professionals and chauffeurs review the itinerary as soon as we receive it. Itineraries are usually well prepared but sometimes we have to advise the business traveler to change the scheduling and timing because of the current events that can take place around the places being visited. Afterwards, when both parties are happy with the itineraries, our chauffeur gets prepared for the job, and the luxury limousine gets the custom tailored set up for the clients needs. Our dispatch office sends the chauffeur and vehicle details 24 hours in advance to the client. From there on, we follow the client’s instructions and the itinerary and make sure everything goes with the client’s requests.

With the years of experience and getting together with our clients, we have built our business travelers trust and permanent relationships that can last forever. Anyone can drive a luxury limousine around Istanbul, but it takes more than just driving. Going the extra mile matters to the client more than a flashy limousine. That is where DTLS Limousine & Travel comes into play with its experience and knowledge about the delivery of these services. Constant training and meetings with all of our staff keeps our game strong and clients happy. We will keep on striving for safe and smooth services for all of business travelers to enjoy.

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