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Spring in Istanbul

As we enter the best season to experience Istanbul, sun is getting brighter and brighter everyday and we are seeing more people starting to wear their t-shirts and shorts. At DTLS Limousine & Travel, we love seeing city getting greener and flowers blossoming. Since we are not the only ones that are aware of this beautiful period in Istanbul, most people feel the same way and take advantage of it before it gets really hot and humid to a point where you do not want to leave your hotel room or your luxury limousine during your travel.

Spring is busiest season in Istanbul and even all over Turkey for all kinds of travelers. People plan their trips to Istanbul during winter in order to avoid room shortages and high flight fares. Last minute travelers always face a hard time because most hotels get fully booked around this time of the year. Spring is also known as the kick-starting season for all types of businesses around the world because people do not get that busy in winter. In this case, spring brings business and leisure travelers to Istanbul and sometimes it could get really busy. These luxury travelers make their reservations for their limousine services in Istanbul as well so they do not have to deal with last minute requests. We are always doing our best with last minute requests and never want to say no to a client. But we strongly encourage all of our clients to make their necessary arrangements for their travel plans to avoid time losses.

We know in every big city traffic is a major issue, but we still want to inform our clients about every detail of it as we believe it is our duty. Traffic can get really chaotic especially during rush hour, when big soccer teams are playing in the city or high government officials are in the city. During these events, traffic police officers can close certain roads, which causes the congestion to only flow from certain parts of the city. These types of events can make the traffic situation in Istanbul pretty dramatic. Istanbul locals are used to this types of events and sometimes do not complain about it. However, this is a very big issue for tourists who are visiting the city only for a few days and they do not want to waste time being stuck in traffic. People who choose to travel with DTLS Limousine & Travel luxury limousine services are always in good hands because our dispatch office and chauffeurs are constantly monitoring the traffic and any on going events so our clients can move in Istanbul with ease. Our job is not only to get our clients from point A to B or to C. We want to give a personal touch to our clients and help them go through the day the way they want it. Our chauffeurs are also playing a role of a concierge on demand. They are very knowledgeable in the area they are operating. Our chauffeurs are constantly trained for luxury limousine services and also being on the road helps them explore new restaurants, shopping areas or any kind of point of interest.

Besides the heavy traffic in Istanbul, there is also a heavy congestion that we would like to warn our leisure travelers into Istanbul. Most first comers would like to visit the old town as it holds most of the historic treasures of the past. Again, we would like to warn our last minute travelers because of the amount of people doing their sightseeing in that area and also the long cues for the museums can take time during the day. As mentioned in our previous blog posts, we always encourage our clients to hire a certified tour guide along with their luxury limousine services in Istanbul. DTLS Limousine & Travel’s luxury limousine services along with the certified tour guide make perfect complements during a luxury leisure traveler’s trip in Istanbul.

First of all, you do not have to worry about the traffic on the way, which route to take, where to get off the car or where you will be picked-up. Our chauffeurs are professionals when it is time to make life easier during city tours. Secondly, our certified tour guides are walking knowledge banks when it comes to history behind all the walls. They will be guiding you through the history and also when traveling with our certified tour guides, there is no need wait in long cues. DTLS Limousine & Travel can also arrange the tour tickets the day before the tour and minimize time loses.

Spring also means time can be spent outdoors and a private yacht tour through the Bosphorus is one the best ways to explore the city and understand its geographical standpoint on a map. DTLS Limousine & Travel offers private luxury yacht hire in Istanbul and all over Turkey. Istanbul is surrounded by big bodies of water so while cruising along the Bosphorus, you can make several stops along for any kind of desires. There are many luxury restaurants along the Bosphorus with great view and stopping there, having lunch and then keep on cruising along is possible. Having your own captain with the yacht creates the flexibility that you seek. That is what we mean when DTLS Limousine & Travel creates a personal touch and custom tailored services. We are here for your requests and your pleasure for the time being.

DTLS Limousine & Travel is always striving for client satisfaction by providing a personal touch with our luxury services. We do not only provide luxury transportation from point A to B. We offer custom tailored luxury travel logistics and personal concierge assistance for top quality experience in Istanbul. Spring in Istanbul is beautiful and we want all everyone who are traveling with our luxury limousine services to experience to fullest. We want to create a moment that could never be forgotten. Those moments are priceless and we want to create those moments live with you forever. These values differentiate our vision from our competitors. Everything we do with our services is for the people who are trying to make a difference with their lives. We are working hard everyday to make the luxury traveler’s lives easier during their stay in Istanbul and show Turkish hospitality DTLS Limousine & Travel way.


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