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Destination Management (DMC)

Yes, you read the title right. DTLS Limousine & Travel is a destination management company providing limitless luxury travel consulting and services around the world. Wherever you travel, DTLS Limousine & Travel will make your plans go seamless and smooth.

For our audience who is not aware of a destination management company (DMC) is a professional services company with local knowledge, expertise and resources, working in the design and implementation of events, activities, tours, transportation, and program logistics. What we offer is our knowledge, expertise and concierge services wherever you are traveling. We can manage your everyday activities from hotel bookings, luxury transportation to fine dining reservations. It is always up to you how much of your day to be planned. What is special we offer is that we love making your travel plans custom tailor made. This means travel plans fit perfect for your taste and schedule. Traveling abroad means exploring new grounds and there is no better way to explore with assistance of knowledgeable local experts.

DTLS Limousine & Travel is specialized in luxury travel services, concierge services and luxury travel consulting. We love sharing our expertise in this field with people who do not have a limited mindset. It is our pleasure to make dreams come true and create the lifestyle for the people who are trying to make a difference. DTLS Limousine & Travel can arrange your travel plan starting from right where you live. It could begin with a Rolls Royce Phantom airport transfer taking you to your private jet at the Private Aviation Terminal. You could step into your own private jet to go to Monaco, land at Nice Côte d’Azur Airport in France, where your helicopter would be waiting to take you to your hotel. You could get refreshed and your private limousine would be outside of your door to take you for the Michelin-Starred restaurant for the evening. Only your imagination can be a barrier to your dreams, so in this case just think big.

If you happen to fly into Monaco on May 24th 2018 the way we just explained it to you, there must be a very good reason to travel in style. If you were flying into Monaco this particular week of the year, then you must be well aware of the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix is taking place. Monaco GP is one of the most glamorous events in the world and if you are in to Formula 1, this is the event and race not to miss. Event officially begins with the special guests and parties taking place around the city. Some people choose to hang out at their yachts and some at the rooftop parties. Monaco GP weekend means endless events in the city; Formula 1 during the day, fine dining and partying at night. If you are not familiar with any F1 events or just want the professionals to take care of the planning, DTLS Limousine & Travel specialists will come into play and create several custom tailored itineraries for each day with your Grand Prix tickets, hotel bookings, transfer and etc. From there on, you can pick the itinerary that suits you and you will be all set.

Besides all glamour and the lifestyle, there are some must do’s during the stay the stay at Monaco whether you are there for the Formula 1 event or just for fun. You have to walk to the circuit de Monaco, it is a must. It is the race of the year that every driver dreams of winning. This walk will take you around the track and where the cars are racing through at their top speed. First sector of the track will be up hill to Casino Square along with great view of the Harbor. From there on, it will be all down hill to the Grand Hotel hairpin and through the tunnel into the Harbor. Who knows, you might even bump into Lewis Hamilton, famous F1 driver for Mercedes AMG Petronas Team. If you did not know, most F1 drivers live in Monaco, how cool is that? Another place to go into is Casino de Monte Carlo, one of the most glamorous James Bond locations.

We love putting a smile on our client’s faces and create an experience that is going to last a lifetime.

To sum it all up, destination management companies provide a total package of travel planning and booking processes. Every city has its own specialties and we create the environment depending on where our clients want to travel. For example, in Amsterdam we can arrange private canal tours or in Dubai luxury desert safaris in Range Rovers; there are endless possibilities that is why imagination plays a big part in this game. DTLS Limousine & Travel is Class A certified tour operator of Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TURSAB) which gives the right to provide all travel related services.

DTLS Limousine & Travel is a one stop shop for your luxury travel planning and service over 500 cities worldwide. Our highly professional global network enables us to make our clients reach even further and attain limitless possibilities to make their travel memories unforgettable.


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