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Where is my Chauffeur Waiting?

There are many ways to answer this question depending on where you want to be picked-up. We get asked this critical question every once in while by our clients even though our chauffeurs are always on location on time, highly trained and easy-to-find.

Our chauffeurs are dispatched according to traffic, flight status and local events. Also, our chauffeurs are always on location 20 minutes prior to pick-up time. As being the top luxury limousine company in Istanbul, we provide incomparable luxury travel services and highly trained employees to make your lives and travel plans easier and seamless.

Even though DTLS Limousine & Travel are experts in luxury travel services, we get asked this question for airport pick-ups in all major cities in Turkey the most.

Airports in Turkey have a major difference compared to rest of the World. Our airports have a tight security control at the entrance even if you are there for greeting. In addition, baggage claim for both Domestic and International terminals are closed for visitors. Most airports besides Turkey have their Domestic arrivals baggage claim open for visitors and chauffeurs usually wait for their clients by the baggage claim. Unfortunately for security measures, we cannot have our chauffeurs enter the baggage claim for meet and greet purposes. Our chauffeurs are always waiting by the gates that separate the waiting area and the baggage claim; as soon as you walk out of the baggage claim, your chauffeur will be waiting for you right in front of you for your private transfer.

We get asked, “Where is my chauffeur?” question the most is at the Airports of Ankara, Antalya, Bodrum, Dalaman and Izmir. People who want to arrive at these cities who are flying internationally first stop at IST Ataturk Airport to change flights. During the process of changing flights, travelers do not usually go through passport control in Istanbul, if they have checked-in bags. Therefore, they are considered still flying International until final destination. Once they land, they go through the passport control in final destination, and people with checked-in bags, have to go to the Domestic arrivals hall to take their bags and exit from the Domestic arrivals exit. On the other hand, people who did not have any check-in bags have to exit from the International exit looking for their chauffeur.

To avoid these occurrences, our reservations specialists collect all travel information from the travelers. Clients are also informed about the passport control procedures in Istanbul for transit travelers. 12 hours prior to arrival, chauffeur and vehicle details are provided to client. DTLS Limousine & Travel always makes its clients travel seamless. Best way to avoid this occurrence is to go through the passport control in Istanbul to arrive at the correct terminal at the final destination. From this point onwards, if the travelers still cannot locate their chauffeur, they should call our dispatch office for immediate assistance.

Our chauffeurs are always on location 20 minutes prior to pick-up time. Upon arrival on location, our clients are informed about the arrival via text message. Depending on the pick-up location, our chauffeurs are positioned to be visible when the client is out searching for their chauffeur.

To sum this blog post, DTLS Limousine & Travel is always learning and improving its services for its clients. For rest of the pick-up locations such as POIs, train stations or cruise ship ports, we do not get this question asked at all. The reason people hire luxury limousine services in Istanbul is to avoid stress during traveling. Trying to locate your chauffeur should not be a part of your travel plans. That is what we are here to do, make your travel plans go seamless so you can sit back and enjoy your time in Istanbul.

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