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Security Trained Professional Chauffeurs

Chauffeurs are the first physical impression of a limousine company that clients face upon. A limousine company’s culture and quality can be recognized by the energy of a chauffeur instantly. Luxury vehicles are always the second indication of a luxury limousine company. Today, it is very easy to buy luxury vehicles with beautiful interiors and exteriors thanks to customization of the top brands. It can be purchased just as easy as by walking into a dealership and picking the most beautiful vehicle to provide luxury limousine services. However, it takes a well-established company culture and ethics to train a chauffeur; educate the values, service standards and the quality of the services that a limousine company is aiming to deliver.

At DTLS Limousine & Travel, we believe that the chauffeurs make the most of the business by delivering top quality service. To make luxury travel clients happy, there are many dynamics beside a top chauffeur, but again, we believe that chauffeurs are the biggest indicators of the company culture. They are the ones spending their energy, labor efforts behind the wheel through out the day. Chauffeurs spend many days with extensive hours to please the clients with their requests. Therefore, it easy very easy to judge a limousine company’s ethics just by seeing a chauffeur at the arrivals hall of an airport that is waiting to pick-up a client.

DTLS Limousine & Travel has been in the luxury limousine services and global luxury travel solutions industry since 1988. Within this time being, our company has always been an icon in setting new standards and creating new opportunities in the industry. With that being said, training and educating all of our new employees whether it s a new chauffeur or a luxury travel specialist, it is always important to pass on our core values so our clients will always be able to differentiate the DTLS Limousine & Travel experience.

Before the hiring process, all of our potential employees must go through an extensive background and medical checks. If they are qualified, our hiring process will begin with our 5 day orientation and training program.

On the first day, we teach our very basic principles and ethics. Our chauffeurs will learn about DTLS Limousine & Travel history, company culture, core values and clientele they will be handling. Second day is the security standards and procedures. As every luxury traveler is looking for more security aware providers, we take a special step into training our chauffeurs for safety and security procedures to protect our clients in case of an unexpected event.

Third day is the service standards day and how to properly accommodate and deliver top quality luxury chauffeured services. As our chauffeurs go through a depth of our core values, they learn step by step how to accommodate with high quality service levels. Fourth day is hands on behind the wheel; advanced driving techniques based on Institute of Advanced Motorists for safe, secure and efficient transportation methods. Final day is exploring and understanding the POIs, top destinations that clients travel and how to properly meet and greet the clients with our senior chauffeur and service quality Manager Mr. Yusuf Baksi, who has been with DTLS Limousine & Travel since 1998. At the end of the day, Mr. Yusuf will have the final decision of the readiness of our new chauffeur.

We believe hiring and raising top chauffeurs in the industry will make our luxury limousine services incomparable. We always strive to improve our luxury travel solutions to keep our clients happy. We also believe that DTLS Limousine & Travel always sets new standards in luxury limousine services in Istanbul and in all major cities as Ankara, Antalya, Izmir, Bodrum and Dalaman.

For more information about our chauffeur training program, you can call or email our 24/7 operations center and one of our luxury travel specialists will be more than happy to provide our detailed procedures of our chauffeur training program.

A photo of our senior chauffeur and employee trainee Mr. Yusuf Baksi

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