About Us

Necip Darcan

It all began with the dream of Necip Darcan. His goal was to establish a luxury transportation and travel company with a reliable and visionary team, aiming to provide unlimited travel experiences to those visiting Turkey.

DTLS Limousine & Travel opened its doors to the tourism market in 1988. Necip Darcan, driven by his curiosity for history from a young age, took his frst step into the tourism sector in 1975 as a Concierge at Sheraton Hotel Istanbul. Afer quickly embracing and taking ownership of his role, he spent most of his time assisting and organizing guided tours for tourists staying at the hotel. However, he aspired to personally guide these tours, but the time had not yet come; he had not completed his duties at the hotel. He knew that being a member of Les Clefs d’Or Concierges d’Hôtel, an association known as the registry of all major hotel concierges worldwide, was a prestigious status. During his tenure, some Concierges from Europe visited Istanbul to see Sheraton Hotel and explore the city. When they met Necip Darcan and noticed that he didn’t have the golden keys on his collar, the European Concierges, convinced that he deserved to be part of this association, presented him with the golden keys they took from their pockets. Thus, Necip Darcan became the first Turkish Concierge to deserve the golden keys in Turkey.

Afer proudly wearing the golden keys on his collar for a few more years, he decided to take the next step in his life. Leaving his position at Sheraton Hotel, he started attending guide courses. In his free time from classes, he worked as an intern guide, conducting daytime island tours and introducing Istanbul’s nightlife and Turkish culinary culture in the evenings. Afer obtaining his guiding certifcate, he began guiding private tours for customers of Istanbul’s fve-star hotels. Following the respect and experiences gained during this period, he decided to fulfll his ultimate dream of establishing his own company. He frst purchased a Mercedes-Benz 300E from Germany and brought it to Turkey. Shortly aferward, he sent the vehicle to the United States on large cargo ships. Collaborating with Armbruster Stageway, a US-based company known for cutting vehicles in half and producing long-body limousines, he brought the frst 6-door Mercedes-Benz limousine to Turkey, marking the birth of DTLS Limousine & Travel. Thanks to this vehicle, Necip Darcan and DTLS Limousine gained great popularity, confdently stepping into the future.

The foundation of DTLS Limousine & Travel is built on the experiences Necip Darcan gained during his time at Sheraton Hotel Istanbul.


At DTLS Limousine & Travel, our unwavering commitment to surpassing global standards drives us to continually pioneer new horizons in the luxury travel and hospitality industry. With an unwavering vision, we aspire to cement our position as the unrivaled leader in the Turkish luxury travel services industry. As purveyors of unparalleled experiences, our discerning clientele can expect nothing short of exquisite and refined first-class service that sets new benchmarks for excellence.


DTLS Limousine & Travel embarks on a resolute mission to offer an unparalleled level of extravagance and excellence to guests hailing from all corners of the globe. We firmly uphold a uniform standard of opulence, which lies at the heart of our mission, ensuring the satisfaction of our esteemed employees and cherished clientele. Our primary objective entails sustaining global travel standards through the provision of the services requested by our clients. Simultaneously, we expand our business through extensive networking, participation in global conferences, and unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. In our endeavors, we remain dedicated to offering continuous support to the public, safeguarding the environment, and bolstering local economies. Every single day, we strive to provide our cherished customers with an extraordinary experience that surpasses all expectations, all the while offering unmatched value.

DTLS Limousine & Travel staff is trained regularly to keep our standards high and meet the all of clients expectations without any hesitations. Our courteous, knowledgable and highly trained professional staff is known for delivery of local expertise in the area of clients would like to travel.

Safety & Security Standards

One of our main concern at DTLS is safety, surely it is the passengers also. Chauffeurs hired by DTLS must hold a legal license at first. They must have two forms of documentation to be able to work as a chauffeur which are sanity and safe driving examination. Every single employee is background checked before they are hired, and randomly drug checked. All vehicles are equipped with a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher. Third person liability insurance policy is available in the vehicles for guaranteed passenger safety. All chauffeurs are basic level of unarmed security trained by professional security guards. After a chauffeur is qualified, they go through a two week long training with our successful senior chauffeurs that have been with us for 20 years. The two week training consists of how to handle a VIP passenger, incident prevention, and lastly vehicle safety and technology during the first week. Due to Istanbul’s high population, it is a big spread out “city into two continents, therefore“ in the second week of training; location and route training is a must. Chauffeur training is a long process but this ensures us if they are capable of handling VIP passengers in the most elegant way.

Technology & Environment

Here at DTLS Limousine, we strive to adapt to new technology for maximum client satisfaction. Our customized online reservation software ties everything together; from our clients to our company to our chauffeurs. Online booking tools on our website is very user friendly that it is very to book a vehicle anywhere in the world. We believe that timing is everything in limousine business. Time is so precious in our day that it cannot be bought and that is where DTLS Limousine comes into play. We value time as much as our clients and that differentiates us from all of the other competitors in our market. All of our chauffeurs are equipped with smartphones and tablets to keep track of the flight coming in and out, job assignments, and customized greeting signs. In addition, all of our vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking systems so our dispatch officers can track our chauffeurs and assist if anything needed at any point. All of our vehicles are equipped with dashboard cameras to for safety of our clients and feedback purposes. DTLS Limousine is very sensitive about the environment around us. Hence, all of our vehicles maintained regularly and we are very sensitive about the carbon emission levels that our vehicles produce. We are obligated to care of our environment since this the world we live in. We are encouraging and training all of our staff and teaching the significance of recycling. Thanks to advancements in technology, paper use in our offices has reduced by 80%. Lastly, it is our duty to take care of all stray dogs and cats that are living on the streets. There are lots of homeless animals on therefore we feed the needy in our office area with daily food and water.

Meet The Team

Osman Darcan


It is a great honor to take over the responsibility of the family business that has been growing over thirty years. In addition to the philosophy of expanding the company, which is a family tradition, DTLS Limousine & Travel always focuses on achieving global standards when it comes to luxury travel planning. Incorporating new technologies into our services, along with safety and security procedures, holds a crucial place in the philosophy of our company. Our aim is to transport ourselves to the future and provide our customers with unforgettable experiences through the travel solutions we offer. At DTLS Limousine & Travel, we believe that the future of our company lies in establishing stronger bonds with our employees. We understand that a comfortable and positive working environment translates into happy employees. By raising standards in the industry and providing our customers with countless luxury travel solutions, I believe that DTLS Limousine & Travel has a much brighter future ahead.